Miller Longbow
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       The past thirty years of my life have been devoted to the study of the Hill style longbow. How to shoot them and how to make them.I was lucky enough to be taught bow making by a man who learned the art directly from Hill. What a privilege to to be shown the exact methods of construction as taught by Hill and passed along to me in detail. Every nuance followed with precision and passion for the love of the longbow. I let others try to reinvent the wheel while I pursue a path of making bows the old fashioned way, Howard's way. Its not a method that works for mass producing bows but rather a way to create a longbow that becomes a working piece of art. A hunting tool that you must work with and form a bond with in order to reap the benefits. In the hands of a master it becomes one of the deadliest weapons ever used for hunting. My job is to give you every advantage in that endeavor,by building the bow legends are made of.           Good Shooting David W. Miller