Miller Longbow
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Bow School
          After many years of bow making it’s time for me to give back to Archery what I have received. This course is for serious bow makers ready to take that last step to becoming a master of the craft. This school will be taught in the style of The Legends of the longbow. I have received this instruction one on one and will teach you the secrets of the split bamboo longbow as taught by Howard Hill, John Schulz and now me. You will make the bow of your choice, all bamboo, bamboo Osage, or bamboo and glass. During this school you will temper bamboo the way Howard did it and make a bow for you to take home. You will learn tiller and string alignment the way the masters did it. No longer will you struggle to understand how to line a bow up. You will also go through bow finishing and how to apply the leather every aspect of bow making is covered plus 6 months of free consultation. The time saving steps alone will be worth the fee. This is a 6 day 8 to 10 hours a day of instruction on which you will be graded and receive a letter of completion signed and dated by me. Call for more info and booking for this chance of a life time Bow school. 765-482-3234 I am only doing a limited number of these schools and when their done that’s it.                                                                                                 Best Wishes and Good Shooting David W. Miller