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Miller Longbow
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Shooting Lessons:

It has been my privilege to have been taught proper shooting techniques by two true legends of the longbow. First, my mentor and bow building instructor John Schulz also took the time to teach me proper form and sighting Hill style. Second, a long time friend, Byron Ferguson, also was kind enough to give me private lessons(Yes I must be blessed). I found the two styles very similar and blend together perfectly. And as a result I have taught many students how to become proficient with this style of shooting.

Please take advantage of my personal knowledge and schedule a lesson today.
         Good Shooting David W Miller
Lesson Breakdown:

  • Each session is personal and private (unless done with a friend).
  • Local students $20.00 per hour.
  • Out of town student 8hr. session $160.00.
  • Depending on your level of proficiency each session is custom tailored to suite.

Call for more information 765-482-3234.