Miller Longbow
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The Split Bamboo longbow was Howard's favorite type and was used with different modifications throughout his careerer. I learned to make this bow directly from John Schulz which he learned from Howard. This bow is difficult to make but the extra labor involved is well worth the time.Howard made all his bows whether backed, glassed or string follow using this procedure. Which I follow in detail because I feel the bow will be more authentic to the bow he used. Not some watered down version. The bow starts with five heat tempered bamboo laminations and is glued to make a stave. Next comes the handle Myrtle wood glued to the stave.The tillering and string alignment comes next,If the bow is to be backed or glassed it is done after these steps.Then final tillering and handle shaping.This is how Howard felt he could control the bow making process and make a better bow. It's not the easy way but it is his way. This bow will put a smile on your face every time you shoot it , Pure Shooting Pleasure.